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Swivel Castor.
产品: Swivel Castor.
Frame made of Nylon cover, and is equipped with precision bearings, and promote stable and easy to use. This Swivel caster has total lock, and special ...
公司: [ ] Medical Wheel Industry Co., Ltd
folding wheelchair, with detachable armrest, detachable swingaway footrest, solid or pneumatic caster and rear big wheels.
公司: [ TW] Top Longmax Products Co., Ltd
Transportation Stretcher
产品: Transportation Stretcher
Features Drop Frame Backboard Tailor-made backboard can make X film Fixed Ring 5PC fixed rings were designed on the both sides of bed respectively ...
公司: [ TW] Fu Shun Hsing Technology Co.,Ltd
Pocket Dental Flosser
产品: Pocket Dental Flosser
Dentists Recommended Easy to Use Economical Hygienic Environmental TOOTH FAIRY Pocket Dental Flosser is a new advanced flosser, providing easy and ...
公司: [ TW] Universal Fairy House Co., Ltd.
产品: Benzylamine
Products Nama
公司: [ ] Changzhou Joyous Chemical Co.,Ltd
Surgical Sutures
产品: Surgical Sutures
The surgical sutures are used to hold tissues together and join blood vessels, as well as used in different procedures according to the properties and ...
公司: [ US] Unilene S.A.
fingerprint terminal
产品: Fingerprint Terminal
Function: Dermal biometric fingerprint identification New generation ID card identification Two-dimensional bar code recognition RFID high-and low-frequency ...
公司: [ CN] Shenzhen Anwda Technology Company Ltd.
Datex-Ohmeda Trusat OXY-W4-MC Neonate Wrap Spo2 sensor
产品: Datex-Ohmeda Trusat OXY-W4-MC Neonate Wrap Spo2 Sensor
Description:Datex-Ohmeda Trusat OXY-W4-MC Neonate Wrap Spo2 sensor Compatibllity:Datex-Ohmeda : Trusat 3500 Pulse oximeter Model .
公司: [ CN] Shenzhen Medplus Accessory Company, Limited
Red Sander extract
产品: Red Sander Extract
Santalin, Deoxysantalin are constituents of the Red, purple red natural dye extracted from the heartwood of Indian Red sanders(Pterocarpus Santalinus) ...
公司: [ IN] Andhraproperties
 Powdered Latex Surgical Gloves Sterile
产品: Powdered Latex Surgical Gloves Sterile
Special Features: 1. Made from natural latex rubber. Easy to don and comfortable to wear. 2. No sensitization response conducted in conformance with ...
公司: [ CN] Shanghai Motex Healthcare Co., Ltd
infusion set
产品: Infusion Set
ABS three holes flange piercing device with cap, mould plastic chamber, PVC tube 1500mm, PP flow regulator, latex tube, PVC luer lock or luer slip fitting, ...
公司: [ CN] shandong zibo shanchuan group
 GCS01 GC Plug for Shimadzu GCs
产品: GCS01 GC Plug For Shimadzu GCs
This is a company specialized in laboratory consumables scientific research design,production,sales and system integration as one of the enterprises. ...
公司: [ CN] Aijiren ke ji you xian gongshi
产品: Trypsin
Bovin Trypsin Synonym Cationic trypsin Bovine pancreatic trypsin Beta-trypsin Alpha-trypsin Source: Bovin Pancreas CAS Number: 9002-07-7 UniProt ...
公司: [ CN] HongKong PE Biosciences Limited
Extracorporeal Shock Wave Lithotripter
产品: Extracorporeal Shock Wave Lithotripter
Extracorporeal Shock Wave Lithotripter is available in the treatment of renal calculus, ureter calculus, vesical calculus and some gallbladder calculus. ...
公司: [ CN] Wuhan Fuertai Technique Development Co.,Ltd
Korean  Red Ginseng Tea
产品: Korean Red Ginseng Tea
Korean red ginseng tea , a natural health food is a delicious beverage available in granular of powdered form. - Which is made from the extract of ...
公司: [ KR] N.H Trading Inc
MAX STAMINA male impotence solution - All Natural sex stimulants
产品: MAX STAMINA Male Impotence Solution - All Natural Sex Stimulants
An amazing all-natural herbal supplement that forces men to have a strong, powerful erection naturally & without potential harmful side effect. It's ...
公司: [ CN] chengdu kangquan health product company
Cashew Shell Oil
产品: Cashew Shell Oil
Extracted from cashew shell. Type: crude oil ( not yet refined ). Use for : industry , bio fuel, paint producing. Relative destiny at 30 0 C /30 0 C ...
公司: [ VN] Two Thousand Leagues Import Export Co. Ltd
Safety Box
产品: Safety Box
Sharp Container Certification: BS7320 FDA Material: PP Shape: Structure Standing Usage: Collect Medical waste, Large sharps container to disposal ...
公司: [ CN] Ningbo HSCC Medical Technology Co.,Ltd.
dental mixers
产品: Dental Mixers
This product has CE certificate.
公司: [ CN] Beijing Ruijiajia Dental Center
产品: Anucure
AnuCure is the best treatment for hemorrhoids. It is FDA approved. mede in the USA, it brings fast relief from all the discomfort hemorrhoids cause.This ...
公司: [ US] cryotheraphy products inc
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